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Introduction to Korea Translation

팀 브레인 스토밍

Introduction to Korea Translation


 Korea Translation offers Translation of all kinds of English․, Japanese or other language documents and preparation of necessary documents.


Korea Translation was originally established in 1980 and attached to Korea Educational Information Center(KEIC). Until Now, for about 44 years,


Korea Translation has helped about 20,000 students seeking for studying abroad to obtain PhD. Master or Bachelor Degree or High School Students or to have language training in 17 countries, and also helps you the full process of studying abroad perfectly from individual counseling, selection of colleges and universities, application for admission, passport and visa procedure to departure from Korea with KEIC.


Accordingly, from 1989, translation copies attaching registered public translators' translation certificate have been submitted to Korean and foreign administrative organizations and foreign schools. So Korean documents to be submitted to various countries including the US don't need any more notarial certificate if they are translated by public translators of foreign language attaching translation certificate. In relation to this matters, " Notarial Certificate of Translation" is a legal action of a notary public's authentication, which is a procedure of confirming the name of a translator and we, Korea Translation has offered translation service and certificate by Public translator, Mr. Young-Chol Kim(Registration No. 089).


1. Student studying abroad or Emigration documents other country


▶ School Life Records, Certificate of Graduation, Enrollment and Transcript. etc.

▶ Offered Translation of School documents and it's Notarial certificate of Translation


2. Statement and other materials for Studying or Emigration to USA and other countries.


▶ Translating and making out a Visa Application, Statement submitted to USA Embassy

▶ Offered Notarial certificate of Translation


3. Documents to be submitted to office and various foreign countries.


▶ Translating certificate of Marriage, Divorce, Decease, Birth and medical check, etc.

▶ Offered Notarial certificate of Translation

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